Your Business and Custom Hats

  • Aug 26, 2019

Are Custom Hats Really a Great Way to Go?

If you have custom hats made that have you company’s logo and name are one of the best methods of advertising your business. Hats are unisex and are acceptable casual wear and versatile. We offer them in a variety of style that you will like and that can help you promote your business well. You can give them away as promotional products to your clients, employees, and even those who come into your place of business. We have identified some reasons for why you may want to consider custom hats over some other kinds of products.

Custom Hats are the Ultimate Advertisement

When you are on you are out and about, take a look around at those around you and pay attention to how many are wearing hats. They are like sunglasses, you can wear them just about anywhere and they are often worn as an accessory and show brand loyalty. In other words, if your customers like your brand enough, they will gladly wear your hat more often than the rest that are in their collection. With this in mind, you may want to consider making them a color that would pair well with the majority of outfits. You would also have to know your customer.

Foster Teamwork with Your Branded Custom Hats

Think of this like a uniform. Many companies have begun using hats in place of a uniform, which allows them to relax on the dress code some more than in years past. Which can often be a perk for new employees. If your hats are going to be used specifically for in-house activity and you aren’t going to be giving them to the public, then you may want to have your employees vote on which design. You can show them that you value their input and that you can give them a hat with a design that they will be proud to wear, knowing that they are the ones who decided upon how it should look. This will also provide you some more goodwill from them.

Carry a Stock of Custom Hats in Youth Sizes

Okay, we understand that children aren’t normally the best sales people, however, it doesn’t matter. Your goal should be to get your brand in front of as many people as you can. If nobody is wearing your hat and helping you get your message out there, then find another form of advertisement that you think your customers are likely to use, but here’s the real beauty of using promotional products to market your brand: most of the users of your giveaway items will not be your customers.

Promotional products exist to spread your brand name all over the geographic area that you want to be familiar with your company. Business professionals have children, there are likely many youth events in your area. Hats are functional as well as fun. Unless your company caters to just business professionals, consider getting whatever custom wearables you purchase in some youth sizes also.

Custom Seasonal Hats

If your business is located in, and serves, an area that is prone to high fluctuations in temperature, then consider getting some that fit the season. Baseball hats are a popular choice for the summer months, but you can also buy knit hats/beanies and embroider your brand name and logo on them for the winter months.

Have Fun With It

Whatever you do, don’t overcomplicate this. Many people will just be happy to receive something for free. And if it is functional and works well, then they will be more inclined to use it. Which is why we recommend higher quality products. You are always representing your brand and you will want to do so in a way that represents the quality of your products/services.

In the end, what makes the difference is your personal style toward brand management and the marketing thereof. To do this successfully, you will need to know your customers well and what makes them tick. We recommend custom hats because of their wild popularity and versatility.

If you want to find some styles that will work for you, click here! To learn more about our industry and how it benefits you!

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