Why Use Custom Tote Bags to Promote Your Business?

  • Aug 30, 2019

Introduction to Tote Bags 


With this new push for environmental friendliness, you may be seeing an increase in the usage of tote bags in place of paper or plastic. But the good news is that they are also prevalent and highly effective for brand marketing. Unlike other products, you can plaster your image and whatever else you want to tell your market on the side of the totes. There is generally greater surface area, therefore people will be able to see it at a greater distance. Below, we explain, in greater detail, 4 main reasons why you may want to use custom tote bags to bring more awareness to your brand. 


1. Custom Tote Bags are Lower in Cost 


Traditional and online advertisements on various platforms only work for a set amount of time. In other words, if you want the ad running perpetually, then you will have to pay the advertiser at whatever time interval upon which you agree and it becomes a consistent expenditure. According to studies, promotional products cost around $0.07 per impression. Meaning that it would cost you 7 cents to get someone to see your brand, however, it is a one time payment. 


So, the longer that your customers keep, and use, your promotional products, the greater ROI you can receive. Which is why you should consider the quality of the products you are purchasing so your customers will be incentivized to use it for greater reason than just brand loyalty. 


2. Customer Staying Power is Greater with Custom Tote Bags


Unlike other promotional products, tote bags are effective on multiple important levels. They appeal to those who learn best visually and appreciate a great design. They are also functional, lightweight, and portable. They can be folded for future use and are easily stored. Depending on the material, some can last longer than others, but they are all fairly strong and can last for a long time. 


3. Custom Tote Bags are Relevant 


Like custom hats, tote bags are fantastic for versatility and a wide base of people. Almost anyone can find a use for it and many are beginning to opt for reusable products rather than plastic or paper. from a financial perspective they are more costly upfront, but since they last significantly longer than their alternatives, the cost per use decreases dramatically, making it the better financial decision. 


4. People Use Custom Tote Bags 


We would really like to emphasize this one. Ask yourself a question? Why are you buying promotional products in the first place? Is it to increase the exposure of your brand? How much exposure will your brand receive if someone takes your giveaway item and stuffs it in between their seats in their car? Not very much. 


Your goal needs to be where functionality, relevance, and quality meet. People like tote bags, they use them, and you can plaster your logo over the side and everyone around can see it. 


Concluding Thoughts 


This will all depend on your marketing budget and personal goals when it comes to scaling your business, but if you are looking for mass marketing and getting your brand name in front of hundreds or thousands of people, then promotional products are undoubtedly one of the best ways to do it! As always, conduct your own research, experiment, and do what you think your customers will respond best to. 


To find something that you think would work for you, click here! If want to learn more about our industry and how it benefits you, then check out the rest of our blog!

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