Where to Give Away Your Promotional Pens

  • Sep 10, 2019


Introduction to Using Pens to Market Your Business 


There is no doubt that promotional pens are among the best ways to increase exposure for your brand and are a relatively inexpensive way to give your potential customers something useful that doubles as a repackaged business card. Examples of promotional products include pens, custom hats, tote bags, and custom polo shirts. Examples of promotions can include promotional products, advertisements on TV, billboards, and social media marketing. Below, we list 10 different places to give your pens away to maximize your brand exposure. 


Trade Shows


Let us ask this question: have you ever been to a trade show where any given booth didn’t have a surplus of pens and walk away with at least one? Any exposure is welcome in the minds of most business owners. Even if the person who comes to your booth isn’t interested in your main product, your pen will always be useful. 


Festivals and Fairs


This is another example of a great place to give away your pens, since you don’t have to be heavily targeting one particular demographic. Because of their natural versatility, promotional pens will be the perfect product to disburse en masse to an audience with a wide demographic. 


Open Houses 


Let us say it this way: people who are looking to buy houses often have money or influence at their workplace to help them make decisions. They may even have their own business that could use some greater exposure and a assortment of promotional pens, custom hats, and maybe tote bags would be just the boost they need to put their products or service in front of those who they may not be able to get in to see. 


Checkpoint Celebrations 


Weddings, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries are all appropriate landmarks in a person’s life where you can give away your custom pens. Some as favors for a bridal shower, even, if you want to give away planning tools such as note pads and personal reminders lists. You are the best judge of what your guests will like to receive the best, but you can’t go wrong with some more generic forms of giveaway items. 




Parades are great community-organized and involved events where a wide group of people show up. And most pens can be thrown from atop floats and will survive the impact of hitting concrete if they aren’t caught. Eventually someone will pick up the pen from the street and it could be the very person that you want to contact. 


Local Events 


This can include anything that is put on by the school or community in general. Many people in the community are willing to help out another local business. That also means that there would be a fair expectation that you would help out other events by letting them hang up posters in your place of business or volunteer at times you can, but it could be a very hot market for your business. 


Career Fairs 


This is popular. Even with the prevalence of technology in the class room and life in general, people will always need pens. In many cases, they are better than a smartphone when you need to take a quick note. 


Tours of Different Local Companies 


Some companies are open to giving the public, and even more so prospective employees, a tour of their facility to see how it operates before they just jump in without knowing anything about each other except what is covered in the interview. As a way to keep the company in mind, they will often give their guest(s) a way to remember them. A promotional pen is a great way to give them something they will use everyday to remember the company. This is also a great choice if you have a facility that you can let people tour and then inspire some interest and appear all the more community-oriented. 




People who participate in marathons, like any kind of competitive events, are expecting a slew of promotions from all kinds of businesses. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them! This event will support all kinds of items, not just promotional pens. You may find that custom hats (since the event takes place outside) and custom tote bags are a better way to promote your business since they go well with event at which you are exposing your business. 


Your Own Business 


And last, but certainly not least, the place where you should never run out of pens is in your own place of business. The visitor’s area is a common place, but if the nature of your business allows people to walk around, then place your promotional items strategically throughout your place of business and ensure that they know that they are free to bring those products with them when they leave. 


Your business can always use more exposure. Companies like grocery chains and car manufacturers have commercials all over and they still see the value in having promotional products, specifically promotional pens, when you stop by their booth a career fair, because they know that the more attention they are receiving from people that it can only increase their sales. And if the pen has the quality of Mont Blanc or the reliability of Bic, then your customers will be even more convinced that you are talking business. 

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