How to Use Promotional Products for Long-Term Branding

  • Sep 26, 2019

Long-Term Branding with Promotional Items 


Long-term planning can be the equivalent of eating an elephant in business. It can be one of the hardest things you can do, but also one of the most profitable because you will be preserving your business. And, like eating an elephant, your long-term strategy needs to be well-planned and executed little by little, making minor adjustments along the way. Below, we have 5 reasons how promotional products fit in and how to use them to your long-term advantage. 


Your Logo 


You are going to need a well-done logo whether or not you are using promotional products to market for your company, but buying promotional products is going to force you to look at your logo from a different angle to make sure that you are making it as simple and intriguing as you can that is going to make anyone, both those who are familiar and unfamiliar with your brand and industry, interested in what it is that you do. Your logo is going to be plastered over every one of your promotional products and they will be in the hands of different people in all different demographics. Ensure that it is something that is going to appeal, first and foremost, to your customer, but also to the others who will likely know someone who is your customer. 




If you own an ice cream store, you will likely not want to use a custom legal writing pad or a higher-quality pen to market your business. Rather you would likely want custom t-shirts, hoodies, custom tote bags, etc. because they will be fun and functional to a wider range of people. Keep the promotional products that you choose to market your business relevant to your industry and your customers. 


Color Palette 


Take a good look at your office and company as a whole. What are the colors that are on your logo? What about your uniforms? Does your company feature a large, fun brand-related design on the drywall at a critical place at your location? If you don’t have an answer for these questions, then you may want to reconsider your brand’s theme and make some renovations. Think about the colors that you want your brand identified with when you are making million-dollar deals with other large companies or giving a speech to some hungry college students about how to create a brand. 




Who is going to receive your promotional items? Granted, you will want to keep them relevant to your brand and industry, but you will also want to consider who is, realistically, going to be using them. Custom pens and custom tote bags are normally a very popular, and effective, go-to for many companies because it is functional across all age groups, daily, and for multiple purposes. Keep in mind that the more that someone uses it, the greater the chances that someone you want to notice it will! 




You don’t have to blow your entire marketing budget on promotional products, at least not until you drill down to what products you are seeing an excellent response from in your target market. In most cases, the promotional items that you give away is going to be the first experience that they have with your company. Therefore, it is behooving to get your first impression right by having products that are useful, targeted, and going to last so that they (and you) can get the max benefit out of the product. Whether you are going for the feel of a Montblanc pen or the longevity of a Bic, ensure that you don’t choose one that is spread so thin that it isn’t the best in one respect or another. 


Concluding Message 


Operating a business means that you are juggling a lot of things and attempting to do them all well, but you must being doing a good job or else you wouldn’t be on this article! When you are looking for some juice to propel your business through marketing, promotional products can really help make your campaign more successful by increasing your brand awareness. Approach your marketing the same as you do your business - emphasize quality everywhere and don’t spread yourself, nor your resources, too thin, otherwise you can weaken the areas in which you excel. 


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