8 Things You Didn't Know About Promotional Products

  • Sep 24, 2019

Introduction to the Promotional Products Industry 


The promotional products industry is often one of the more forgotten in this digital age, but they are still highly effective when your goal is to put your company in front of as many people as possible. Being that this extremely potent tool is normally left by the wayside, we have identified 8 interesting facts that you likely didn’t know. We have them below! 


  1. Promotional Products are Centuries Old 


George Washington was, reportedly, the first individual to have made promotional buttons made to support his campaign for the first presidential election of the United States in 1789. 


2. Promotional Products are Prevalent 


About 80% of people enjoy receiving a promotional product. No matter how it functions. We emphasize function because you will stand out from those that aren’t and so that you can establish a quality mindset in the mind of whomever you come into contact. 


3. Promotional Products are Popular 


Similar to the above, about the same 80% of people own, at the very least, 1 promotional product. The more your audience owns with your name on it, the more they like it, the more they use it, the greater the odds that your desired customer will see it. 


4. Promotional Products Have Been Mass-Produced for Centuries 


Yes, George Washington used promotional products in 1789 to drum up support for his presidential campaign, but they actually began to be mass-produced almost a century later by a newspaper company in Ohio. 


5. Promotional Products Can Boost Marketing Campaigns 


Marketing campaigns have seen an increase as high as 44%, historically, in their effectiveness. This is because it is a tangible product with the company name and information and creates a stronger memory of the company who gave the product so the person can recall the brand faster. 


6. Promotional Products Are Used Often 


According to studies, the average receiver of a promotional product will keep it for over 6 months. That means that your relatively small investment for marketing your business with promotional products will effectively become cheaper as the period of usage increases. It also will show others that if one person is enjoying it, then another could get use out of it also. That sort of sell is harder to achieve if you are just putting an ad out on social media or some other form of modern marketing technique. 


7. Tote Bags are Highly Effective 


Custom tote bags are shown to create the most impressions of any of the promotional products mainly because they are durable, reusable, and have a lot of surface area to put on a larger logo than you can on other promotional products that can be used every day. [1] You can see our here! 


8. Location, Location, Location 


Some promotional products work better in some geographical areas than others. For example, companies in the midwest currently purchase more outerwear with their logo on them than anywhere else in the United States. They have observed that men respond more positively to custom shirts and custom baseball caps, and women prefer custom pens and custom tote bags. Your audience should always be a major factor when you are looking at the kinds of promotional products that you want to buy to promote your brand. 



  1. Advertising Specialty Institute, “Bags Generate the Most Impressions in the U.S.”, https://www.asicentral.com/news/web-exclusive/february-2016/bags-generate-the-most-impressions-in-the-us/ 

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